• AgileTeamwork wide
    Agile Teamwork
    Working together for a coordinated response
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    Agile Performance
    Rising above the standard
  • Kite Jump
    Agile Response
    Reacting to Change
Enabling Agile for Development and User-Centered Design

All Things Agile & UX

AGILE DEVELOPMENT INCREASES PRODUCTIVITY AND QUALITY BY 25-40% “Done right, Agile results in higher productivity, fewer defects, and less waste (25-40% improvement)- according to SLIM industry data from QSM Associates. But metrics also show what happens when it’s NOT done right – and that’s good, because that’s where continuous improvement lies.” — Michael Mah, Managing Partner (& Agile Metrics…

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  eTactix LLC is a consulting firm specializing in a specific type of ware. Many consulting firms specialize in hardware – providing ERP, network and telecom infrastructure planning and implementation. Other firms provide software services – solution architecture, enterprise application development, web sites, mobile apps and platforms. We specialize in the wares between your ears….

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We specialize in developing an intuitive and provocative User Experience. With over 15 years of both traditional and software design experience, we’ve designed a wide range of software solutions including: Financial systems Inter/Intra/Extranets eCommerce sites Reporting and Management Dashboards Collaborative Workspaces Truly effective UI design is language agnostic. However our designs have been build on…

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