NYPD demonstrating NUI

Traffic control signal glovesAfter Hurricane Sandy passed, we took a walk through mid-town to get some air and to explore the outcome of the storm. Power was out for everything south of 42nd street, so NYPD dispatched traffic control personnel at most intersections.

That’s where I witnessed an effective implementation of natural UI. The traffic signal gloves.
We’ve all seen how the police direct traffic with the familiar hand signals for stop and the wave for go. But these glove actually responded to the movements.

At first, I though that the officer had to consciously select the color, red for stop and green for go as they directed traffic. But upon closer examination, I noticed how fluid the colors adjusted depending on the position of their hands. What a great invention. The user does not have to learn any new techniques. The system simply responds to the natural action of palm up for stop (red) and any motion below the body median (the transverse plane that permits your palm to face forward) displays the green arrow.

An excellent example of No UI or Natural User Interface

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