What We Do

  • S1 Cognition
    Change Perspective
    Forget what you think you know
  • S3 Synapse
    Crucial to the biological computations that underlie perception and thought
  • S4 Neural Net
    Neural Net and Central Nervous System
    This is your Wetware
  • S2 Wetware
    The biological equivalent to hardware and software – your mind


eTactix LLC is a consulting firm specializing in a specific type of ware. Many consulting firms specialize in hardware – providing ERP, network and telecom infrastructure planning and implementation. Other firms provide software services – solution architecture, enterprise application development, web sites, mobile apps and platforms.

We specialize in the wares between your ears. Wetware, your brain, is arguably, the most sophisticated piece of equipment you will ever work with. Instead of delivering equipment or lines of code, we help you shape your mind, change your perspective, energize your team’s dynamics, and astonish your customer’s experience through our coaching, design and process services.

With over 20 years experience in the technology field for various industries including financial, legal, retail, and software development, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work. Many of the root causes for project failure are cited to the fragility of the proverbial project triangle Time – Cost – Scope. Before those factors come into play, decisions have to be made, priorities, expectations and agreements have to be set. But this is as deep as most consulting firms will go.

There are underlying rip currents at work that are waiting to surface and jeopardize an unsuspecting project. Fragile teams, misdirected management, communication gaps and misconception of user needs are all wetware related issues often left unaddressed. We can help, identify any of these issues, raise and address them before its too late and too expensive to correct.

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